Sweet peas - mildew on leaves

Hi can anyone advise whether the silver on the leaves of my sweet peas is mildew & the best way to treat it.  It seems to happen every year even if I plant them in different locations.

is this a common problem with sweet peas?  The flowers are still beautiful & plentiful

thank you


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    I have had this 'problem' in the past too. I think it's to do with lack of air circulating through the peas but I've never found that it hinders the sweet peas themselves. Sometimes these things just happen and there is no solution really, just enjoy your lovely flowers. image

  • Thank you, I thought I must be doing something wrong. My dad never has this problem with his image (as he regularly reminds me!)

  • I have the same problem.

  • Ive had it the past 2 years, this year I have just started trying an organic spray by vitax but as yet I don't know whether it's a success or not. It is apparently due to close planting and under - watering, but I just think its one of those things as mine were planted at a good distance and watered daily image

  • I not only get it on my Sweetpeas but also on Roses, i use a spray quite early on in the season, one that helps with bugs as well mildew,
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