Its July and back in the spring I bought from the garden center a set of 3 blueberries    I planted them up into bigger pots with the correct compost and put them in a sunny place in the garden. They had a few new leves but now are stripped bare and just the framework is left though it is bigger then when I bought them. I have no pets Is there anything I can do to rejuvenate then? or give them another chance for next year.


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    Having no leaves now does not seem right -we are picking blueberries now on a daily basis-there is nothing you can do but wait and see what happens but it would seem that some pest has been at yours-leave it till next spring- if there is no sign of life by then then they have had it.

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    Blueberries are woodland edge plants and like some shade and a moist compost or soil though they'll cope with full sun if kept moist at their feet.

    I once left a pair of mine in pots in the care of a teenage neighbour who did not understand the concept of thorough watering despite instructions and I came home after two weeks to find both fried to a crisp.  After copious watering, and a dose of liquid tomato food they recovered but I had to prune out a lot of dead stuff.  I now have them planted out in big 80cm wide and 60cm deep holes filled with ericaceous compost and they get a good ericaceous feed every spring.  They're doing fine.

    Move yours to shade and try watering them thoroughly enough to soak their compost and then let them drain but keep them moist thereafter.  If it doesn't work, you'll not have lost anything.



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