creating a new bed

I want to transform my so-called rockery layered with a felt underlay and gravel.

Do I have to get rid of the underlay which has been there since time begun, or can I put  200cm on top, mixed with compost after getting rid of the gravel and stones. 


  • I want to transfer my Hydranger which is pot bound. The poor thing is crammed tight with root. Have I left it too late or is there a way to get around this problem?  I want to put it back into the same pot.

  • my experience, most Hydrangeas are best grown in the ground.  If yours is suffering from being pot bound there doesn't seem to be any advantage in taking it out and replacing it in the same size pot.

     If there is really no alternative, you could prune the top growth down, reduce the size of the rootball and put back in the same pot with new compost and keep well watered.  I wouldn't like to say that you would end up with a good specimen tho.

    Someone else may have a better idea or methodimage

  • Thank you Philippa, I will take your advice, put it in the ground and find something else to go in the pot.

  • Jonathan..........sounds like a good ideaimage

    I am sure you know exactly what you are doing but just in case...........if your Hydrangea is just a mass of roots with little compost around it, give it a good soak and gently tease the root ball apart before you plant it..........good compost in the planting hole and around the roots, a good watering in and it will help to establish it.  A pinch of Bonemeal or Blood Fish and Bone mixed with the compost/soil and hopefully it will be a happy bunnyimage

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,142

    Hydrangea are not usually grown on in pots for more than a season though it is possible. Prune back to two good pairs of leaves, repot in a larger pot in John Innes compost number 2 or 3 do not add lime then put in a cold frame or sheltered partial shade until they start to grow again. You could plant them into the ground with a short hair cut plenty of humus and a mulch keep well watered for a while.

    The rockery get rid of the underlay and any large stones dig over, you can dig in small gravel it adds to the drainage then plant why add more compost apart from a mulch once you have planted the area, it will take time to grow and spread but that is gardening.


  • Thank You everyone for your sound advice about my hydranger and my rockery.

    I feel much relieved.


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