Duckweed Eradication - Any experiences?

I am sure that anyone out there with a pond knows all about duckweed - bit like a dog, it's not just for Christmas!  I usually scoop it off the surface on a regular basis and add it to the compost bin but this is only a stop gap and it never really reduces the amount of weed.  I have recently become aware of products (specifically Ecopond) that claim to rid your pond of the weed if used in the Autumn months - has anyone used any of these products and do they work.

Or any other suggestions would be appreciated.


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,404

    remove as much as you can in winter, a day when the ice has formed is great as it freezes the duckweed to the ice! you can also flood your pond during the late summer, fill it to overflowing then wash the duckweed to the location of the overflow with a powerful hosepipe.

    I would never use a chemical to get rid of it!

  • And then look forward to it returning the following yearimage are doing what most pond owners do I think.  IMHO it is preferable to blanket weed and it really does no harm.

    I don't think you will totally eradicate it and any "products" which claim to do this should be looked upon with some suspicion...........or at the very least ,with a large pinch of saltimage

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    I used to have a dw problem in my pond.

    I used a sprinkler on the hose to push it all to somewhere I could fish it out. But of course it builds up again in a few weeks.

    Not had dw problems for abt 10yrs now though. I use Cloverleaf to stop blanket weed which works a treat every year, no idea if that's helping with the dw but not had either in so many yrs now. My pond is 12 x 8 x 2 with a single (30yr old) lilly - the pads cover 80% of the surface in the summer, so that prob helps a lot.

    Good luck

    (Guess who'll be getting a major duck weed infestation next yr.....)

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  • did of course remember to say "touch wood " a million times before you posted I hopeimage

    It does seem to be the case tho.............the more surface coverage from Lilly pads, etc. the less likely the Blanket weed or Duckweed problem.

  • no ,just endless pulling it out of the water,running water as in fountain seems to stop it and shade but I have neither of those so its out with the net! image

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    I have to confess that after several years of total duckweed coverage, despite using every method known to man, I filled the pond in and extended the patio.

  • Thanks everyone, think I will buy a bigger net and keep scooping it out - at least the water is clear and there is no blanket weed. image

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