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winter protection

Hi, how do l protect my new standars olive tree in winter plz, it,s planted in the garde? thanx


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Depends on where you have it in the garden Saj.
    They need a south facing sheltered spot with full sun, if you are in the South then that should suffice. Here in the North we grow them in pots and put them next to a wall from Autumn to Spring. They are very slow growing but can reach 10m or in my language thirty feet.
    They are half hardy and in Southern Europe can be covered in snow part of the year without harm. You could try bubble wrap in the coldest period but let it breathe.
    if it is a young tree do not expect fruit for a few years.


  • SajSaj Posts: 6

    thanks Frank, l,m in London, so it is reasuring to know that it will be fine.

  • Hello Saj,

    Fleece protects tender plants in winter well. Pippa's written a blog about it and you can also read our project on protecting plants in winter using fleece. Olives are usually ok in London, but you never know what the weather's going to do these days!

    Emma team

  • SajSaj Posts: 6

    thanks Emma, l,ll read that Pippa,s blog too.


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