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Month old Lavender dying, yet same age Lavender next to it is fine.

Hi, I planted two Lavenders in my front garden approx a month ago and now one is near death yet the other is fine. They are planted in a south facing garden about a foot apart and I had planned on keeping them compactly trimmed. They reside in slightly clayey soil with added general compost plus from Homebase. The soil then has slate covering it with no weed control installed. A climbing rose is the only other nearby plant approx 4 feet away and this is growing well. The Lavenders get a good water every now and again but the sick one is pale and crispy from the bottom up and looks very sorry for itself. Any advice please?








  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Sometimes plants die for no discernible reason. Most garden centres guarantee their plants. Why don't you take it back and explain the other one is fine. I'm sure they will replace it.

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  • FBTurtleFBTurtle Posts: 20

    Ok thanks, have dug out receipt and will remove the plant and return it. Would having the slate on top of the soil, as per the pictures in my original post, create any issues for the plants in my front garden? I also have two climbing roses which are growing fine at the two bases of an archway and I planted three cordylines a month ago which are doing ok (a few leaves have gone a bit yellowy at end).

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