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pea pods

Hi This being my first year with a garden i seem to be asking for help and advice every other day ( Hope someone can help I Built a cone shaped trellis roughly 3ft at the ground to 6-7" at the top with 6ft bamboo canes and wrapped it with strong nylon netting and planted approx 15 pea plants round it. All growlng well and i have been tying to the canes as they grew. All are nearly at the top and 2 - 3 are just above Do you pinch the tops to stop them getting any higher or let the just grow ? All the plants seem very healthy and lush but no flowers or pea pods Any tips would be very welcomed image Thanks Mike.


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Have a look on the packet; it may say how tall they will grow.  Though IME peas often grow taller than expected.  I don't think I would pinch them out though.  Not sure why you are tying them in; peas usually climb all by themselves.

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