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Top Soil min.depth for Lawn


Firstly sorry about my English image I am not English guy but I did my best to be self explaining.

I've just moved in to my newly rented house with backyard in very very bard condition. There were like 1.5m high weeds and ground is solid with no water circulation now so 50% of ground is covered by moss.

I decided to dig out everything, reactivate soil to good condition and sew a new lawn there.

During digging I noticed that my ground levels are as follows:

aprox. 50-70mm of fine quality top soil (medium weight with easy to crush bigger soil parts and after digging very good water absorption)

aprox. 20-40mm of hard clay (I couldn't dig into it)

Below Caly there is dry, brown sand. (after I dig through clay in one place I noticed that).

I decided to dig just Top Soil and don't get through clay (except that one place where I did it).

I am not sure what should I do in this case to prepare my soil for new lawn.

Of course I will remove all weeds, dig through whole backyard, role and  water ground and wait till it be stable, then level it.


But what in the meaning time ?

  • Is my top soil enough and I should just mix some compost (e.g. Lawn sand) to it ?
  • Or maybe should I get some top soil and then use Lawn Sand ?
  • How deep should be Top Soil in this case ?


Best Regards



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