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my st swithun climber is only a year and a halfish old and has been doing ok, the last 2 bits of new growth though are yellow and look brown on the ends as if scorched, wondering why and what to do? thanks in advance again


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Could be unintentional damage to the stems, or drift from a weed killer, or just weak growth. I'd prune out the affected stems water and mulch it heavily. The dry weather we've been having hasn't helped. I wouldn't be too concerned.

  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    thanks dave, I don't use weed killer and am gentle- I think when tying stems in with string, I mulched today with compost, then sprinkled a tiny bit of general granular feed, watered then bark on top

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