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July in the garden!!



  • @Lorelei! Yeah! the weather in your neck of the woods never did pick up! Lol! But now back in West Yorkshire, not much better up here! Got a bit of resbite today which allowed a bit of pottering! Now thinking this enancement in career was not such a good idea as I now spend most of my time away from home on various courses etc! n gardening having to take a back seat! Gutted!! Having arrived home my poor Lillies have been ravaged by Lily Beetle! n my poor front garden is riddled with weed! But on a plus note! The allotment is thriving! n now the last of the courses done, back to gardening it shall be! @Lilylouise! You garden is a total inspiration n I love seeing your pictures! Good Luck with the NGS! n lovely pictures everybody!!

  • AllotmentMaxAllotmentMax Posts: 189
    Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

    Attotment Max, I also struggled to download pictures because they took up too much memory. Eventually, I made them smaller and then they were accepted by the GW downloader.

    Thanks gardening grandma will try and give that a go.

    Lilylouise - your garden looks fantastic.  A true inspiration for an fairly amateur gardener like me. I need to get a bit more knowledge under my belt so I know what goes best where etc.  Mine always looks a bit higgledy piggledyI if that makes sense.  Mind you, finding time is a bit of a struggle with 3 kids, work and all the other family stuff that goes on.  Oh well, live and learn and hopefully one day, it'llget there.


  • Tina5Tina5 Posts: 46

    Lilylouise, your garden is just so beautiful! Lovely pics! My soul craves a garden like that..but, same as Max, above, mine is a bit higgledy piggledy too! Those peas look good too...what variety are they? I always grow Kelvedon Wonder (local pea), but mine don't look half as good as yours do. Lots of half empty, twisty - turny pods this year. Must do better!



  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,013

    You are all very kind about our garden - thankyou - your words are much appreciated image The Peas are Hurst Green Shaft they usually have between 9 and 11 peas in a pod but my son found a couple with 12 peas !!!!image

    Pam x


  • RobotRobot Posts: 137

    I do believe I would cut my finger on the edge of your lawn, Lilylouise, it's so crisp. Très magnifique.

    Sadly, we don't have a lawn.  We just have tufts of green stuff and weeds with intermittent brown patches and sink holes.  image

  • We do, too. Penalty of having two dogs peeing on it and the many dandelions allowed to go to seed in neighbouring gardens.

  • An absolutely dismal story in the Potsmith garden. image

    We have lost all our outdoor tomatoes (six varieties) to blight. We furtled our potatoes and got barely enough for one meal.

    We have lost our beans, peas, spinach, strawberries, lillies, basil and onions to the bad weather for one reason or another.

    On a plus side the greenhouse is doing fabulous! Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are growing like mad. The sweetcorns outside are also doing well and the sweet peas picked up in the last week as well.

    We have lots of pictures in our Gallery.

  • catnipcatnip Posts: 70

    I picked some flowers this morning to brighten my office at work- thery're all bruised and battered from the rain but I don't care, the colour's feeding my soul. Good job too because the sky is a dirty grey and it's bucketing down... We lost lots of veg too, Potsmith- but kale and spinach are flourishing. The onions are swelling nicely too. Always look on the bright side!image

  • gardeningfanticgardeningfantic Posts: 1,019

    sorry not been on off late.. it has been glorious blue skies and sun  yesterday and today so been out mowing lawn..which had got so long and trimming the edges (like yours louise) and my goodness i have another 4 ins of border to fill nowimageimage

    @lilylouise.. your garden is looking good again.. cant wait for the video.. you will do one wont you?

    lovely pics everyone and welcome to the newbies and the not been here for a whileys all welcome to the forum. please add your pictures of your gardens

  • I dragged a few pictures from our Gallery for you all. Please bear in mind that this a new garden as we have only lived here three months:





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