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July in the garden!!



  • gardeningfanticgardeningfantic Posts: 1,019

    so sorry inka for your loss.. i had to do it with both my cats.. cried all way there while was there and for hours after.. but i knew it had to be done.. they do so become family members with their individual personalities and ways...

    i feel for my neighbours dog.. she is very old can hardly walk is deaf and  last week she was out for hours to 2am in the pouring rain..just walking round in circles turning the light on and off which keeps me awake as is like having  a lighthouse outisde the window.. wish they would do the right thing by her too.. it is awful to see her like that and i really cant believe they left her out there in that.. with no shelter from it.. damn cruel it is.

    on a happier note.. .lovely pictures of gardens.. the weather looks like it is playing by the rules for a while.. it was hot yesterday and even hotter today.. grass is so wet form dew again i cant out on it.. so planted seeds yesterday and potting up today the perennials ready for next year..

  • InkadogInkadog Posts: 492

    We are lucky to have a vet here every 3 weeks, and she will come to your house, so the end is very peaceful.Hate to hear about that poor dog. I hope you will say something.

    The weather here has been perfect as far as I'm concerned--a few days in the low 20's--not too hot, and regular intervals of rain to keep the butts topped up. I suffer a bit if it gets too hot.Of course, the dogs and I could always visit the beach.

  • Chris9Chris9 Posts: 92

    Hi Inkadog.

    Planting Autumn Crocuses, sorry if I sound like a dummy but will they grow and flower this year.  I haven't got much in my garden that will flower this Autumn, also the bluebells will they flower next spring. 



  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    Buddlea and verbena, both good butterfly plants, have both started to bloom in my garden. I haven't seen any butterflies on the buddlea yet, but there are on verbena...

    There are many more in grass...

    On GW on Friday night, Carol Klein showed us cranesbills growing in grass. This is a cranesbill in grass, with butterfly drinking nectar...

    Here's a very uncommon one, resting on a log, in grass... image

    Cheeky Robin...



  • InkadogInkadog Posts: 492

    Chris9, posted a reply yesterday, but it disappeared--Autumn crocuses are colchicums-not a crocus, but the flowers look like crocus on steroids, hence the name.The flowers will bloom this fall, from the bare bulbs--the strappy leaves appear in spring, then die back. The plant is poisonous, but naturalizes well. The bluebells will bloom in the spring--but beware-in the garden they can be invasive, so mine are planted in a natural woodland- I am trying to get rid of them in the garden proper. If you want them, I suggest planting in a sunken pot.

  • Chris9Chris9 Posts: 92

    Thanks Inkadog, will do as you say and perhaps try in a pot or planter, will start fo look for Colchicums.  Thanks for a info.


  • little-annlittle-ann Posts: 878


  • gardeningfanticgardeningfantic Posts: 1,019

    so.. weather has been good last few days.. been out dead heading and cutting back the toadflax today and planted some rudbeckis in their place.. as had big hold left in border.. grass was cut has had got long.. potted up some seedlings and just titivated about.

    we have managed to finishthe side pation area int he shade for hubby.. and will add pics when i get some.. light levels not good by time we finished.

    hope you all getting to spend some time out enjoying the fruits of your labour.. we had roast lamb today and the carrots.. peas.. runner beans and french beans and swede were all out the garden.. gorgeous.. the carrots actually look the same shape nd size as shop bought ones well impressed.

    well enjoy anytime you get out to wonder and admire your gardens.. catch up soon. 

  • The DoctorThe Doctor Posts: 177

    It absolutely hounded it down here in St Austell this morning but luckily it was short lived and the sun came out. It was cooler today than it has been the past week so i managed to crack on with digging out the patio at the bottom of the garden and cutting some borders.

    Inkadog. Sorry to read about your cat, we lost ours a couple of weeks ago mainly due to old age but he did have FIV and was blind as a bat. Hes now in the garden with a Ruby Celebration on him.image

  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386


    Our cat went missing its now 5years we searched for her everywhere we live in an area with game keepers that notoriously don't like cats. I got my OH to ask if any of them had seen her but no. She was such a character she loved our boys she would hide behind the door in the morning crouched down wiggling her bottom ready to pounce as the boys walked into the kitchen she got them every time great hilarity every morning. We still talk about her. They are part of the family not just a pet. Sorry for your loss

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