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July in the garden!!



  • InkadogInkadog Posts: 492

    Lovely garden Chris9; love the beautiful stone work.

  • Chris9Chris9 Posts: 92

    Hi Thanks the walling has only just been erected, the guys who did the hardlandscaping used the old walling and eco sleepers, we thought it was too good to ditch it gives it some character, we managed to get new walling for the other side which matches really well.  The Nasturtiams were seeded my yes myself! so pleased not seeded anything for years and they are looking lovely all over the garden in full bloom now, I  have the bugimage

  • pottiepam wrote (see)

    Just googled 'The Rainbow Bridge.'  Really beautiful but has made me cry. 

    I sobbed never mind cry,  what a wonderful website I shall certainly go there again when I pull myself together,  my thoughts are with you Inkadog in your grief x x x x

  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 735

    Chin up Inkadog! 

    Puddles only drying up in this garden and almost everything tall drooping or broken post rain.

    But - the smaller things are beginning to perk up.

    These Nonstop Mocca begonias never stop producing new blooms.  I wonder if they'll tire themselves out all at once.  I have them in pots and baskets.



    Hebe 'Caledonia' - little 2ft one almost totally in bloom now.  Loved the rain.




    Clematis 'Pink Fantasy' (think it's a low-growing one or they called it a 'miniature') is now opening and growing up the pruned privet and ivy.  On sunny days it looks a deeper pink - but during and after rain it's a kind of coral shade.



    Jasmine is just starting to flower and perfume already lovely.



    Funny stuff going on with some of the Sweet Peas.  Totty little buds on average 15" stems and the buds are mostly just falling off - except this 'Cupani'.  But surviving ones are mostly all long stems with just 2-3 flowers.  Disappointment this year but first time I didn't start them off in the ground and I think I wasn't that smart getting them toughened up at the cold frame stage maybe.



    The tiny flower heads of the long-stemmed 'Emilia Irish Poet'.  I wasn't too successful growing them from seed and ended up with only a few.  Not enough to make any impact without having a nice big clump of them.  Startling colour all the same.



    Bees are loving the Trifolium Ochroleucon (I've probably not the right spelling here - it's one I can never remember).  I just call them big white clovers instead.



    The totty little baskets with Viola.  The yellow daisy type thing in the middle is in one of last year's wildflower tiny pots.  It was coincidence that something yellow came up in the middle of these two baskets.  It's a bit like Bill and Ben the Flowerpot men and Little Weed in the middle.




  • Pennine PetalPennine Petal Posts: 1,540
    Lovely photos everyone, butterflies in short supply here, all but the little orange one.

    Inkadog, Rocky the cat sends you a cuddle.
  • Hi Guys! @ Inka! My condolences! Yeah! ya do get so attached to the little critters, which is why when I lost my last dog a few years back, I made the decision not to go there again! Ripped my heart out!!! 

    Back to Gardening! Had a full day pottering on the allotment today, all doing well n loved it! and we actually got some sunshine at last! Bonus! But need to pick ya brains guy's! Acquired a few plants from work on Friday, n as always, no lables! Can anybody help me out?






     Think 2 n 3 are the same! 

  • Pottie PamPottie Pam Posts: 887

    Hi Dean, Could they be oleander?


  • Cheers Pam! ain't got a clue! But cheers! it's a start! Google here we come!! 

  • Yeah! Ya Bang on Pam! Thanks for that! n jeez! I need to move house! these things get huge! Lol!! Thanks again!! 

  • InkadogInkadog Posts: 492

    Thank you for your condolences. I will be planting some bluebells and autumn crocus tomorrow.

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