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Talkback: Growing species tulips

I have found that tulips give a great show in my garden in the first year and then they diminish in both size and quantity from them on. What am I doing wrong and which variety is best to grow in pots so that they don't all fall over.


  • These photos and descriptions are confusing, as they don't marry up on my screen. The flamed flower at the top is T. platystigma, from then on move the description to above the photo of the flower, there's no picture of T. altaica... These species tulips are much more reliable when it comes to returning year on year. I grow linifolia, various humilis varieties and tarda and they give a lovely show each year, tarda especially bulks up well for me.
  • @Helenlittleash - thanks for highlighting the image problem. A few images on our our features pages have got mixed up in the transfer over to the new site. This will be fixed as soon as possible!

    Thanks again

  • I have the same Trouble with Tulips  just don't return the next year Daffs are loads better 

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