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Hi all, i am moving into our first house this Thursday (!). The garden is SE facing, approx 9m wide and 22m from back of house to end of garden, picture below:-    



 I am looking for ideas on what i could do with the garden. My brother is a builder so has offered labour as needed, and has initially suggested adding a ground soak as there is no drainage from the roof gutters (they just drain into the garden), and alslo relay the patio. I will probably do this later in the autumn as i would like to enjoy my first garden fro the remainder of this summer.


What i would like (though i'm not sure if there is room for all of this!):-

  • Herb garden
  • A place to sit in the SE corner to catch the evening sun
  • Patio area extending the house for entertaining outdoors and to catch the morning sun
  • Grassed are for lazing in the sun!
  • Area for childs play
  • Unsure if i need a greenhouse?
  • Area to store the house bins (2 large wheelie bins)
  • Compost heap / bins? (do i need this?)

I am considering speaking to a garden designer, but  am reticent in spending £300 to £600 on the basis of a website - can anybody recommend any good designers in South Wales?


I welcome and and all advice!


  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,413

    Hi Phil

    It looks a lovely big plot and I'm sure you can fit in all you want on your wish list image

    Good idea to enjoy the rest of the summer first before work as you can then see exactly what plant life you have and can use in your new design

    Im no expert at all but when I do anything new in mygarden it's following tv garden design programmes or I may see something I like on programmes like Chelsea and Hampton court etc I don't mean copy whole of their gardens but pinch ideas image And of course magazines and best of all if you look on the garden gallery thread on this forum you will see some amazing real people gardens image

    Please keep us posted on how you get on 




  • KEFKEF Posts: 8,915

    Don't forget your washing line image

    Welcome to the forum image

  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    Welcome image

    Wow, what a lovely house! Its probably best, to wait for a few months, more if you can and see how you "live" with the garden, its a good way to find out what you actually need, rather than spending a ton of money and it not quite fitting your needs.

    Keep a note pad in the room that is directly off the garden, every time you pop out and think that something should be somewhere else, make a note, this will also help any designer image
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,650

    Good advice to wait abit and let your ideas become firm before starting a major redesign but do think about installing a water butt to store water before the excess goes to the ground soak.

    You could divide your garden into 3 distinct areas  - the first 6 to 7 metres near the house for a terrace, table, chairs, seating for entertaining and dining outdoors; the second for grass and kids' play area and the last for a greenhouse/shed/work area/compost heaps and veggie plot using raised beds to keep it neat, easy to maintain and visually pleasing as well as productive.   Alter the rpoportions to suit your needs eg 6:10:6metres.

    Simple trellis panels with climbers such as clematis and/or roses will do the dividing for you and you can also place an arch to join them and further separate the areas.   This gives a sense of journey and mystery too.   To increase the visual width of the garden use diagonal paths and borders rather than straight lines up the middle or side.

    Buld a raised bed or have a collection of pots on the terrace near the house for your herbs as they generally like good drainage and will be hardier in wet winters and handy for the kitchen. 

    You definitely need compost bins to recycle green kitchen and garden waste.  These can be either home made or bought in according to your skills and needs.  Bins can be stored out of sight but handy behind a decorative treliis or fence panel near the back door.

    Have fun.

    The Vendée, France
  • star gaze lilystar gaze lily Posts: 11,262

    Hi Phil, welcome to the forum.image

    Looks like a good size garden. As already said its good to wait a bit. While you sit in the garden for the rest of the summer you perhaps plan where what could go where. Also plants could appear in the garden through the changing seasons, especially the spring bulbs etc.

    The people on here are  a very friendly helpful bunch, so you will get lots of helpful advice. Look forward to your garden progress pics image

  • GWRSGWRS Posts: 5,162

    Hello , I moved house a couple of times and I have always left it a while to see what grows , where sun sets etc Try sitting in different parts of the garden , it helps with a drink in your head and you might want the patio some where else

    sounds like a soak away is a priority  

    looks like a really nice house and garden , enjoy image

    Ps. Wouldn't bother with a compost bin

  • Flora rosaFlora rosa Posts: 260

    Wow what a plot, give my right arm for that ! As above, just wait and peruse the various settings but then I would break it up and create "rooms" a la gardening progs but please before you start to shell out ..... Can I be your garden designer please, pretty please ??? Defo compost bin and watering butt (you have the room) . So jealous, enjoy x

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