Painting terracotta pots

hello, not sure if this is on the right thread but thought I might get a reply here as anywhere else.

I want to paint some large terracotta planters that stay outside on the patio because they're far too heavy to move anywhere else.

does anyone know where I can get some hardwearing paint that will stay on even if we happen to have a cold, maybe snowy winter.

I painted a few of my smaller pots a few years back with some nice bright shades of paint pot samples that I bought in Wilko's but because we then had two bad winters, the paint peeled off them.

I did look in Wilko's & thought I could maybe use paint for stone steps but they only had boring colours.


cheers, shaz 



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    Masonry paint works  the best but there are fewer colours - more than there used to be though and you can get sample pots. I've used ordinary emulsion with a layer of PVA glue on first to seal the terracotta , but it does wear off after a few years with exposure to lots of rain.

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    There's a few tips here ..........



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    And take a look at the colours that this company offers

    I think our old white walls could do with a change!

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    Thanks for all the replies, just need to decide on a colour scheme nowimage

  • I have painted terracotta pots with auto spray paint from the pound shops.

    Dirt cheap and held up well. Just make sure to buy spare tins so you can do touch ups. I would only use matte spray paint. I have sprayed plastic too and thats held up.
  • I use ordinary emulsion testers ( very cheap ) and you can get every colour imaginable and only buy a small amount to see if you like it. All brands work in either matt or vinyl silk. This summer I went mad and had deep blue, postbox red, yellow and lime green pots.

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    i painted terracotta pots with outdoor terracotta paint to use as a water feature however. when i turned on the water the largest pot has started to bubble on the outside. this bubbling appeared within minutes of turn on the water. should i have treated the pots with something before painting or should i have varnished the pots after painting ? 

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