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Sickly plants ? Try asprin.

I've had loads of help and advice since joining this forum so thought I would try and give a little back. I expect the more experienced gardeners will already know about this but here's a few tips . You can revive a sickly plant with the help of a soluble asprin - this really does work - it needs to be dissolved in a pint of water and will do wonders . Asprin is salicylic acid - exactly the same as the growth hormone in plants and derived from willow bark.

Also for leaf colouration and magnesium deficiency a dose of salts ! Epsom that is - one tablespoon per gallon of water. I use this on my pelargoniums early spring to give them a boost but you can use this method on any plants with yellowing leaves . I have rescued many a plant using these methods - hope this may be of interest.



  • fotofitfotofit Posts: 73

    Hi jean riley - like you I've found forumites to be an extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable bunch and I really enjoy reading the discussions and contributing here and there !! image

    I think it's always of use to have information such as that which you have provided as most of us will have the aspirin and epsom salts in the kitchen/house somewhere and with ailing plants etc it's worth trying these methods to revive/boost any plant. I take a 75mg aspirin each day as I believe it will revive me at some time !!! image

    I have a miniature rose 'division' in the garden which is not doing so well this year so will be getting some soluble aspirin next time I'm shopping.

    Thanks again.


  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    Well you learn something every day Ive never heard of aspirin for plants thanks for that I have lots of house plants, I started re potting them yesterday an odd one could do with a tonic

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Aspirin also works to perk up cut flowers in their vase for an extra few days - trim the stems, use clean water and drop half or a whole soluble aspirin in - dpendent upon the size of the vase.

    Yes, it is good for aiing plants outdoors and in the greenhouse too though I tend to regard it as a last ditch effort when pruning, correcting water and feeding have failed. 


    Talking about aspirin - my mother always reckoned aspirin saved her budgie's life.  He got hooked on a metal coat hanger - it went through his throat and came out above his tongue...gruesome, I know..........she nursed him with a quarter of a soluble aspirin and a couple of drops of whiskey in his drinking water every day and he lived for many years afterwards!

    Sorry, not about plants I know but interesting.............

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Aspirin as an incredible drug, and a very powerful one.  Were it discovered today, there is no way it would be for general sale, but would be a prescribed medicine only. Some of the things it can do, ands ome of the things it is used for in medicine are amazing, and surprising - over the years in medicine the places  I have seen the apparently humble aspirin turn up are very very numerous. 

    Also not plants, but as a side shoot should be OK?

  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    It didn't work for me today. So much to do in the garden and nothing but rain , rain and more rain ! Gave myself a headache stressing about what needs doing - halfway through planting a new border , more climbers need tying in , cant get out to do anything as it's really heavy here in Lancashire and worst of all rain = slugs ! I hate the blighters ! Sorry for rambling on it's really getting me down !

  • Wales in much the same - wet, wet, wet. This forum is a nice substitute for actual gardening in this weather. Fascinating information about aspirin - I'm going to research its uses further, while it rains. One thing about wet weather, though - the slugs go for a stroll and are easy to exterminate!

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    Worth a try. I have a few plants looking sad, think it is too much rain though!


  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    Meant to mention if you do this, pour the solution directly on to the roots - don't use as a foliar feed . Nearly everything in my garden looks sad at the mo because of the rain except funnily enough, the grass, which is a marvellous shade of green ! However - got plenty of rainwater for my carnivorous plants . Enough to keep them happy for several years I think ! Speaking of which here it comes again.imageimageimage

  • GardGard Posts: 22
    Does anyone have any knowledge of using epsom salts as a spray on greenhouse tomato plants? The bottom leaves on my plants are curling, with brown mottling, before turning yellow - I'm told it's either a watering problem or magnesium deficiency. I don't know which.

    I have watered in Epsom salts a week ago, but with no effect. If I spray it on the leaves, am I likely to cause other problems?

    As for the rain and slugs... I've tried to be good but the slug damage has been horrendous, and I had to bite the bullet. All my susceptible plants and veg now have a liberal carpet of slug pellets around them. Works a treat!
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