'Home Made' Fertiliser

I understand that comfry can be used to make a good fertiliser,  we don't have any near us, but we do have borage.  As borage is from the same family, could I use the leaves to make fertiliser please?


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    I don't think an annual plant like borage will contain as many nutrients as a deep rooted perennial like comphrey. But you could give it a tryimage

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    Hi. I have a full size allotment and regularly make compfrey liquid fertiliser from the rotted leaves. I have recently planted Borage . The leaves are smaller and fewer in number . Saying that, there is no reason at all, why you could not make liquid fertiliser using borage leaves although I'm not sure the plant would recover as quickly from defoliation compared to compfrey. Strip the borage plant of all but two leaves , place in a bucket half filled with water, and leave for a week (somewhere in the garden you don't use). Decant off the smelly liquid and dilute 1:20 with rain water.

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    OTH, do you have or know someone who has an allotment? Ask them for a few compfrey plants off their plot in exchange for a few packets of seeds .

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    Thank you nutcutlet and Bruce Robinson for your help.   We live in France Centre and although I know of Comfry growing in Normandy/Brittany areas, but have not seen it down here at all.   I have sent away for some seeds, but in the meantime I wanted to know if Borage could be used as an alternative.  I will give it a try and see what happens.  I also use Stinging Nettles in the same way as Bruce Robinson described and it works wonders for producing good strong roots.

    Thank you again.



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    BTW ....  whilst I do not have an allotment, I do have a sizeable vegetable plot.  I have found that Brassicas (spelling) don't grow well at all in our soil, which has a lot of lime in it.  Because there are only two of us here, and money is a bit tight, I don't want to spend a fortune on buying errocatious (spelling) compost.  I currently grow, runner beans, potatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, radishes, lettuce, leeks and corgettes.  I tried growing swede but they all got 'clubroot', and peas don't seem to do well either.  Any ideas of what other vegetables I could try, please?



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