|Just learned a new trick

Been busy in the garden this morning, using my pressure washer. Before packing it away, I decided to lift some spuds for tomorrows dinner. As to be expected after the recent rain, they were pretty muddy, so I put them in the garden riddle & give them a blast with the washer -.Brilliant result, they were not only spotlessly clean, it actually removed the skins more cleanly than could be done in the kitchen.

I know some don't scrape them anymore (vitamins and all that) but we always do.


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,171

    Ken, I never peel new potato's but have discovered quite a few uses for my pressure washer besides giving me pristine white paves.
    With the long handle the Conservatory roof gets a polish without needing a ladder and it is the full length of the house.
    When I removed ivy from the wall after many years I found it difficult to remove those small wisps of root from the brickwork. Holding the pressure pipe at a very narrow angle to the bricks it removed and cleaned the bricks without water logging them, the chap over the road cleaned his bricks with a scrubbing brush and water taking nearly a week, mine took two hours.
    Apart from its many uses it keeps the grandkids amused and very wet, I am in the kitchen and can turn the outside tap off before going to get them and clean them up, as I said many uses.


  • I love my kitchen gadgets (my Kenwood Chef inherited from Hubby's Godmummy is never out of use), but getting the pressure washer out to do my tatties is a bit extreme!

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    Haven't got any pressure washer tips, but can relate to Mummy Muddy Paws - I 'inherited' Bloke's mother's Kenwood Chef a couple of weeks ago. It's hardly out of use as every time I make a loaf of bread, Bloke devours most of it in one sitting.
  • Just wish I could use the chef to beat fudge - if I make this, I hardly ever get to eat it, as hubby can devour it in one go.  Think using the chef for that would be overkill!

  • Mummy Muddy Paws wrote (see)

    getting the pressure washer out to do my tatties is a bit extreme!

    erm...it was already out.

  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 391

    great idea David K

  • It is a great idea, I gave up growing veg because of the effort of washing clayey carrots and potatoes when I could buy them ready-cleaned. Pathetic, I know!

    I'm a bit scared of using the pressure washer on the conmservatory roof in case it finds any weaknesses in the sealing and makes them worse.

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