help with concrete slab !!

hi peeps

i have a very large concrete slab 25ft x 20ft in my garden . my garden is on 2 levels and i whould like to bring the higher level down to the lower thus createing a large flat grass lawn  could i do this without having to remove the concrete slab...? 


any ideas whould be much welcome ...image



  • I take it that the concrete slab is on the higher level, bizzy.



  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    A bit confused and need a bit more detail

    On what level is the concrete slab-upper of lower and are you asking can you just cover the slab with soil and the turf it over?

  • hi sorry there yes the slab is on the lower level and the upper level is around 4-5 ft above the slab... so yes could it just be coverd and turf laid or is it best to lift the slab?

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    This is difficult without seeing it-can you take and post a photo?

    Why are there two levels?-is there a practical reason?

  • im unsure why the land was a quary and is full of sandstone and i think when they built the house over 100yrs ago the dugg out a patch to put the houses so i have this concrete slab that used to be a large garage base and it slopes up to the back of the garden and then around the side of the house ... its such a pain as i have to small children and are worried about the drop to the lower level. i will take some pictures to show you will see what i mean image

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    I've turfed over small areas of concrete. That works. The only problem is that a shallow depth of soil dries out quickly, so in dry weather it needs watering. The depth of soil I was using was only a couple of inches.

    Removing the concrete seems a better long-term solution, then the area could be used for growing other things, at a later date, if anyone else ever wanted to.

    If it's the base of a fomer building then you might want to consider what lies beneath the concrete - hardcore, rubble? What's going to happen to that.

  • not letting me upload piccies keeps saying file to large image


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    In this discussion there is help on how to resize pictures

  • image





     thank you sotongeoff i have learnt somthing new today image

    as you can see messy ... but the high part is high so there whould be lots of soil to move...

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    That is going to be lot of topsoil-just as an alternative suggestion-instead of trying to create one level why not keep the two -remove the concrete- turf part of it and create some new beds,

    The snag with just putting something on top of the concrete is the water will have no where to drain and over time I feel you will have a problem

    Whatever you do it is going to be a helleva big job

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