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Lavender from seed help!

Hi I am kinda new to gardening so this year I thought I would have ago at growing a few plants from seeds. Lavender being one. I know it won't flower ths year (as I planted it ths year) but am after any information about re potting them. They have outgrown their little seed trays I originally planted them in. Do I plant them in a bigger pot? If so do they each have a pot or can 2 or 3 go in the same pot? Or should they go out in my garden yet? Any help or information would be appreciated. Thanks Jem x


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    You are not saying how big they are but they do need potting on and growing on-one to a 3 inch pot will be fine-don't plant out until you have sizeable plants

  • Hi sorry, they are between 1nch & 2nch's now. Would you recommend putting 2 or three into the same pots? Only asking as I only have spare 10cm pots.

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  • Hi Hollie thanks for your reply. Am thinking the same about going outside but just wanted an experts or a keen gardners opinion : )

    The only spare pots I have are 10cm which is why I mentioned about putting 2 or 3 into the same pot?
  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Had to check what 10 cms isimage -that will be fine -but one to each pot-give them room as HH says to develop

  • Sotongeoff thanks for your reply. It's much appreciated image
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    Hi Gloucestergirl13:  I sowed lavender 'Provence Blue' in May last year in little pots only in multi-p compost and left outside at the back door.  By August they were 2-3" high.  I think they could have done better if I hadn't just ignored them and left them - or if I had bothered to put them in a gritty compost.  Not sure.

    However, they stood outside here in Scotland all winter.  Here they are in March this year.


     At the end of March I potted the 2 bushier seedlings into a large pot with half multi-p compost and leafmould and loads of grit.  Here they are today 30th June.


    I've planted the other little stragglier ones straight into the garden with a lot of grit underneath and they are coming on well as well.

    Bearing in mind they've been outside as seedlings since last Autumn in some pretty low temperatures, a lot of rain and wind and very little warm sunshine, they've come up much better than I expected.

    If I can do it with little experience and in Scottish conditions - I'm sure you will do really well and even better with yours. image




  • Wow thats great to see them like that!

    Gives me lots of confidence on my lot.

    Thanks very much for the pictures..... They are currently in a greenhouse,maby I should take them out & leave them outside?
  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Yes- they need to be outside.

  • Thanks for that Sotongeoff will go and place them outside. Shady or full sun? Or they not bothered?
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