Lavender from seed help!

Hi I am kinda new to gardening so this year I thought I would have ago at growing a few plants from seeds. Lavender being one. I know it won't flower ths year (as I planted it ths year) but am after any information about re potting them. They have outgrown their little seed trays I originally planted them in. Do I plant them in a bigger pot? If so do they each have a pot or can 2 or 3 go in the same pot? Or should they go out in my garden yet? Any help or information would be appreciated. Thanks Jem x


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    You are not saying how big they are but they do need potting on and growing on-one to a 3 inch pot will be fine-don't plant out until you have sizeable plants

  • Hi sorry, they are between 1nch & 2nch's now. Would you recommend putting 2 or three into the same pots? Only asking as I only have spare 10cm pots.

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    Hello,  I'm growing a fair bit from seed but not grown lavender.

    Yes they do need to be potted up into bigger pots.

    It is advisable put one in each new pot so they have room to develop and then you get more individual plants. Sometimes in the case of wallflowers I do put an extra one in. Depends on how much space I have.

    I don't know that much about lavender but my feeling is that they would probably be too small to go out yet and with the current weather.

  • Hi Hollie thanks for your reply. Am thinking the same about going outside but just wanted an experts or a keen gardners opinion : )

    The only spare pots I have are 10cm which is why I mentioned about putting 2 or 3 into the same pot?
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    Had to check what 10 cms isimage -that will be fine -but one to each pot-give them room as HH says to develop

  • Sotongeoff thanks for your reply. It's much appreciated image
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    Hi Gloucestergirl13:  I sowed lavender 'Provence Blue' in May last year in little pots only in multi-p compost and left outside at the back door.  By August they were 2-3" high.  I think they could have done better if I hadn't just ignored them and left them - or if I had bothered to put them in a gritty compost.  Not sure.

    However, they stood outside here in Scotland all winter.  Here they are in March this year.


     At the end of March I potted the 2 bushier seedlings into a large pot with half multi-p compost and leafmould and loads of grit.  Here they are today 30th June.


    I've planted the other little stragglier ones straight into the garden with a lot of grit underneath and they are coming on well as well.

    Bearing in mind they've been outside as seedlings since last Autumn in some pretty low temperatures, a lot of rain and wind and very little warm sunshine, they've come up much better than I expected.

    If I can do it with little experience and in Scottish conditions - I'm sure you will do really well and even better with yours. image




  • Wow thats great to see them like that!

    Gives me lots of confidence on my lot.

    Thanks very much for the pictures..... They are currently in a greenhouse,maby I should take them out & leave them outside?
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    Yes- they need to be outside.

  • Thanks for that Sotongeoff will go and place them outside. Shady or full sun? Or they not bothered?
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