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Thicken up a lawn

Hi This is my first go at gardening. I laid a new turf lawn 1 year ago. It has been looking really good until approx 2 months ago when we had a little warm spell and i decided to give it a scarify as i thought it dead grass ? I think it just needed to be given a feed to green it up a bit. I have fed since and its looking quite green and lush from a distance. Close up its a bit thin and patchy. Would putting some seed on help or will it eventually thicken its self ? . Any tips or advice would be very much appreciated Thanks Mike.


  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    I mentioned on another thread, that the bare patches that are being created on the courts at Wimbledon, will be seeded with new seed at the end of next week. This seed will germinate, and form a perfect lawn, within 21 days, when the courts have to be ready for the Olympics.

  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    You would have to put the seed down with something like sand so that your not just feeding the birds!

  • The birds used to eat all my seed however I now pregerminate my grass seed. I put compost mixed with seed in an old washing up bowl and water. Each day I give it a stir and keep damp. As soon as there are signs of little grass shoots I ladle it out where I want it to grow. Fantastic results this way!

  • mike2limike2li Posts: 29
    Thanks for the adivce

    Will give the tips a go

    As i said this is my first garden and am sure the grass will be easiest of the problems i will need to be asking for help.

    Thanks again

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