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How to get rid overgrown mint

Does anyone know how to get rid of mint that has overgrown without damaging the conifers that it is invading.


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Treat it it with weedkiller-might take a couple of goes and protect the conifers when applying spray

  • If it's in between low-level conifers, you might have to paint the leaves of the mint with weedkiller.  I did this last year by mixing glyphosate (Roundup or similar) with wallpaper paste and painting it onto creeping buttercup that was infesting some low-growing conifers and heathers.  It was a backbreaking job but it worked really well - no buttercup this year.  Roundup now comes as an expensive gel too, so that's an option, but I found a paintbrush was useful for small leaves.

  • Thanks for the tips will try them to see what works


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