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Weeping Fig


We have a weeping fig in our office which is looking rather sad.  The plant maintenance company have been dispensed with due to cutbacks and I've been left with the job of caring for the plants.  The weeping fig has lost a lot of leaves from the stem outwards.

I've bought Baby Bio and have been told to mist the plant - any other suggestions please?  If I pruned it back to the first set of leaves would that force new leaves to come from the bare sections?

Any advice would be appreciated - I hate to see plants looking miserable but I don't know what to do with this one!



  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    I suggest you take it home for some TLC and then return it to the office when it looks good.  The office atmosphere may be too dry for it.  The best place to mist it is with it standing outside or in the bath, then you can give it a good soaking!

  • They do lose quite a lot of leaves every now and then. It isn't neccesarily a bad thing. I'd take it home and put it in the shower - unless they have one at work image. Might sound silly but a lot of house plants do well on a bit of a steamy, warm soak. I do mine a couple of times a year -spring, summer. A 3 minute shower in warmish water, then leave it in the shower where it's damp and warm. It's like a tropical holiday!

  • I'd love to bring it home and nurse it but it's far too big - too big even to get into the shower at work!

    I'll try some Baby Bio when I'm watering and give it a good misting - I think that's about all I can do with it. 

    Thanks for help, everybody.


  • I once had the horrible responsibility of keeping a lot of large weeping figs happy in a DIY store until they were sold. The advice from the nursery was to keep them watered regularly but not too much.Apparently uneven watering can cause them to loose their leaves - must be easy for that to happen in an office unless someone takes them under their wing. Good luck with it

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