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Fig Trees 'Brown Turkey'

Please can anyone give us some advice? We are growing two Brown Turkey fig trees in our conservatory, last year we had loads of figs but all dropped off before ripe, the same is happening again this year. We have been feeding with a tomato fertiliser every two weeks & keep well watered. Just at a loss! image


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    This is quite normal.  You should have removed all the little figs that were larger than a small pea last Autumn to prevent the plants putting energy into figs that were never going to make it. If you look carefully at the figs you will see that most of them are imperfect.

    When the trees are more mature you can expect, maybe, two crops a year indoors.  Wisley in Surrey have a fine display of lots of different varieties of figs which live in a greenhouse in large pots.

    When they get in their stride you will immediately see the difference between the two types of figlet.  The good ones will be a good colour and well-shaped.

    Brown Turkey is perhaps the easiest of figs to grow.  But consult a specialised book or web-site to find out the correct feeding regime.

    You should also have pinched out the shoots at three to five leaves before mid summers day.  Just in time to do that!


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