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my clemetis is looking sick, any ideas

I have a clematis growing on a frame,with deep red flowers about 3 inches across, all over it, it has been there for 6 / 7 years, always a good flower display, and grows to about 10 feet tall.this year it grew as usual, flowered, but this week has shown signs of dyeing from the base upwards, so far has reached 2 feet up, still flowering from 2 feet to the top growth, the shriveled up leaves at the base , I fed with clematis food at start of year, is there any hope? is it just this years problem, and will regrow next year? or is it a lost cause,help!


  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,304

    For once I think this may well be Cleamtis Wilt. Cut one of the wilting stems across just above the ground and if there is a purple stain in the centre of the stem then that proves it.

    There is nothing much you can do this year, but cut back the affected stems to round level. Scrape away the top 2 inches of soil of so and replace with fresh. Most plants throw up new shoots next season with no trouble.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Ooops, that does sound like clematis wilt - something to which the summer flowering clematis are prone.  As far as I know no-one knows why, possibly a fungal organism.  As Berghill says, cut down deeply, new soil or compost and it will probably throw up new shoots, maybe some even this year as the weather is so pecuiar - many do recover but not all - good luck with it.

  • Thanks for your thoughts, i had the same idea, and did the cut ,no discolour in stems, only good green inside the dead looking stems, so have to put it down to a wierd year of weather, and plants do not know which way to go.lets hope next year is better.thanks again.

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