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I have a small front garden - approx. 10 foot wide by 3 foot deep at the front of the house. It is north facing and clay soil. As I work full time I am after ideas that don't take a lot of looking after but are colourful and look good all year round (or mixtures that mean I have flowers, colourful displays during the year). Please can anyone help me out


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    I have a bit at the front of the house that is similar but longer. I have filled it with English roses that flower from June to October - bulbs(daffodils and tulips) for the beginning of the year.

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  • I have a similar dilemma Anne , mine is longer , but will be re- seeded with grass seed , but what to do with the border?? Currently have two containers with seasonal pelargoniums and a hanging basket , a pink hydrangea which won't turn back to its former blue despite various treatments, and scruffy euphorbia which I'll probably remove,

    Like the 'English roses idea ' perhaps dark red with Hidcote lavender in between , like you I work full time so has to be simple , will watch this thread with interest
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    My front garden is small and triangular, bound by the front house wall and adjoining porch wall. The length is the pathway from the front to the side of the house.South facing with shade from tree.

    Have played it safe for many years with a  pyracantha in the corner, wisteria up and over the window, crocus for spring colour and a glorious Leucanthemum vulgare in the centre, ground cover of bark.

    Additions of a clematis for porch wall and hardy geranium just don't seem right so will move them in the autumn.

    Feel the need for a change of planting so finding your comments useful. Don't feel I can add any more to what has been suggested but perhaps my plants may offer another choice.

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    Just re-read: thinking roses to replace Leucanthemum. image 

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  • BizzieBBizzieB Posts: 885

    Hello, image  I'm having a complete rethink as now share an allotment and I know I wont have the same time to give to my house garden next year.

    One idea which appeals I saw at a local rhs Open Garden, a deep border of alpines grown through a bed of gravel. It was like looking down on an artists pallet. Minium garden maintenance. image hmm.

  • This post I did some time ago May be of interest / inspirational value :

    the planting consists of many tough herbs, and perennials which are doing brilliantly to this day. I think the use of aggregates and vertical space open up the otherwise small square garden. 


    Hope this helps

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      Hi, just read your link with interest and admiration El_Chaffinch  image such a good format to record the work. What a lovely front garden you created on such an awkward site.

    Would recommend a read-through to anyone contemplating any garden design. So many ideas to take on board   I'm doing another re-think and will use photos this time. image 

    ps. Higgy's Garden is also  very good for design and wildlife image 

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