Hi, ive recently purchased my first house and decided to make a flower/plant bed. I planted cordyline, azalea, spurge Ascot rainbow. Daisies, pansies, lillies and primroses. I chose all these purely because I liked the looj of them. I had a lot of problems with bugs, slugs, greenfly, red lily beetles (which caused me constant headaches) caterpillars and some white bugs in the roots. Being new to gardening I researched one problem at a time and tried to eliminate it. Basically all the bug problems seem to be on the flowers rather than the shrubs and I was hoping people could advise on some flowers that dont attract pests as I dont get a lot of gardening time. The pansies I planted where fantastic and are still going strong although the primrose where disappointing, and the lillies where a nightmare due to the beetles. Any advise would be great thanks.


  • Hi edd, ill try and give you ad much info as possible, I have a south facing garden, bed is at the end of it, ill attatch a pic but might be from a month or so ago. I planted everything in april. I dug out about a foot of heavy clay soil and filled it with bags of compost and fertilizer.
  • Still trying to work out how to attach a picture.. haha
  • I wish, its only a small garden, approx 25ft x 20ft. The bed is built with a 6ft high wall at the back of it. It has partial sun from 8am until 11am, then full sun until 5pm at present. I still cant figure out how to upload a photo. Thanks
  • Ah cheers for that, will upload a photo from laptop tomorrow
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