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ShuvShuv Posts: 18
I have had same problem with butternut squash (even went and bought a new pack of seeds & still no joy) and lettuce, and most of my flower seeds...... amazing how the weather never seems to affect the weed seeds though!


  • Dear Gardeners' World,

    So sorry for your garden. Still we're glad to hear about this, we were beginning to doubt if it was our lack of care.

    Same problems here in the middle of the Netherlands. We too, have used nematodes and it seems to help a bit. Together with other actions (removing mulch so snails cannot hide).

    Keep it going, take care!

  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 474
    I have had the same problem with Celeriac. Three times I've sown these and at last I've got one that is growing well, yes only one. They just haven't germinated well at all. My carrots have been the same, they are now coming up in my veg patch so here's hoping.
  • RobotRobot Posts: 137

    I've given up on my borlotti beans.  Seeds sown in the tunnel early and transplanted outside are pathetic and I might as well dig them up.  Seeds sown directly in the ground (unsoaked) on 30th May have done sweet nothing and seeds sown (soaked for 24 hours) in the tunnel 10 days ago have all rotted away.  Why do we bother?

    Lost 3 haricot vert plants today to the dreaded chafer grubs.  I hate the bu**ers image

  • kaycurtiskaycurtis Posts: 111
    Pippa do the nematodes remain in the garden, after you've watered them in or do you have to continue to do it, I ask because I have slugs every where, I did buy some for vine weevil but we still have vine weevil, have frogs in the garden but they seem to be fussy when it comes to slugs.
  • Louise4Louise4 Posts: 1
    I have had made four sowings of beetroot and spinach and no luck. Runner beans sown in cold frame, were planted out, gale force winds struck and what was left was finished off by slugs. Onions have gone to seed, whilst my rhubarb is growing like a rocket. Sweet peas are the only flowers I grow from seed, these were sown direct this year and are just sitting there at 6 inches high. Im hoping September and October are as warm as last year, perhaps seasons are just sliding forward, we should expect crops later in the year.
  • Comforting in a sad way to know so many, including the experts, are enduring the same fate as me. Things already in the groung, like overwintered onions, garlic and 1st & 2nd early potatos are thriving, but beans and brassicas have failed. Like Pippa, I am mounting a last push by sowing all the seeds I have left under glass and am hoping for the best,
  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    Watching the Wimbledon coverage today, the TV commentators explained that parts of the courts will be bare by the end of next week, and will have to be brought back to perfect condition for the Olympics.

    The plan is that groundsmen will reseed with fresh seed, and will be allowing just 21 days for the grass to germinate, and to grow into a perfect lawn.

    One of the commentators seems to be a knowledgeable gardener, and also explained that this is the first year that the courts at Wimbledon have been seeded with a new mix of 100% rye grass, which apparently produces a better playing surface.

  • CheidethCheideth Posts: 1

    Here in the North West things are just as bad, sowed runner and french beans in cloches in may (about 200 seeds) believe me or not, not one has come up, have just sown 200 more in pots in the greenhouse - had to turn the heater on, midday greenhouse temperature 49F.

  • Johnny1Johnny1 Posts: 8
    I was beginning to think it was me I tried to grow lettuce from seed

    in my greenhouse back in June without success not one took.

    I have since grown aqalegas from seed back in May which are now about

    4 inches high and ready to prick out from. seed tray and into pots.
  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,493

    I grow in raised beds and have been harvesting Onions for a few weeks now - a little smaller but fine tasting. Garden Peas have done really well this year, Strawberry bushes have been productive if watery at times. Raspberry is really doing well and tastes great. My Pumkin is still in flower as is theButternut Squash - so a few weeks behind at most. I did not even bother with Sunflowers this year but next doors is 40cm high at most and is normally 9ft - but that is in the ground not in a raised bed. Apple trees have been really poor and little fruit remains, Cherry is green but no fruit.

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