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Honeysuckle x tellmanniana Lonicera


I bought a this Honeysuckle from a garden centre on June 12th this year. When we brought it home it was approx: 3ft, now it is already 3 metres in height and it keeps growing image The only problem is it has run out of trellis and I am unable to fix up any more any time soon. My father fixed the first piece of trellis, a really strong good quality piece 2 metres X 1 metre (drilled to the brick wall) but as he had recently become poorly I cannot ask him. I want this Honeysuckle to continue growing and so I am wondering what is the easiest support idea for it? I am thinking wire trellis and finding someone to fix that up. It will be a ladder job! Also it is looking so healthy and the foliage is dark green and glossy...but it has not flowered yet and we are almost out of July. Do you think it will flower this year? Some of my other plants have been late, as they were last year ,so I am not overly worried as I know they are all healthy and the growth proves that. I love the way it has weaved perfectly in and out of the timber trellis image Lastly I keep reading different advice on the maximum height this species grows to. Some say 5 metres, some say 10 and some say more! Any help would be so appreciated.

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  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 22,703

    This is a sturdy plant and I think it is probably in the wrong place. I have one and, even though I have tied it round and round in circles and knots, it is still about 4 metres by 2 metres by 1.5 metres deep. It is a top heavy plant and needs something like a wall to lean on.

    If you really want to keep it there and are prepared to put up with its unruly behaviour but can't find a suitable support, how about giving it a partner. One of the really strong, stiff,  upright roses might be able to hold it in its branches. Something along the lines of the rugosa types maybe. 

    It will flower  - beautifully - but the downside is that it has no scent.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • Hi and thank you. In the wrong place? Ah! I did ask about this at the garden centre, telling them it was for a South-facing wall, and they said it was perfect for there. Hmmmm. I have to have it on this wall as it is covering an unsightly area (where I have been unable to successfully remove old paint) and in place of a Virginia Creeper I once had there. It is doing so well there, it seems to thrive,  maybe thriving too muchimage But yes, it does have to stay there. It is in a huge wooden barrel and with good compost, fertilizer, mulching. This is the highest wall also. I was actually considering getting a rose, a Rambling rose or something. I am not bothered about it having no scent, I am more for how it looks image I have lots of other fragrant plants, Jasmines included (many varieties that are doing wonderfully. So, it can exceed the maximum height that is stated then? :/

  • Which rose would you recommend? 

  • I also want a rose for a North-East facing wall - that gets a moderate amount of sun. I want one that gets tall (about 7 feet by about 3-4 feet) and one that is long flowering, hardy and relatively pest-free. Any suggestions? Your help is greatly appreciated. I am going to the garden centre tomorrow so it would be great to have some pre-ideas! image

  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 22,703

    Ha! Not asking much for much thenimage. I really meant that it was in the wrong place because it is going to grow and grow. Rambling roses really are enormous. Climbers would be better as they are more house trained but aren't really stiff enough to help support your honeysuckle. A sturdy large bush rose such as David Austin's Shropshire Lass might do the job.

    The other, NE facing, wall would take just about anything you fancy. I have Gertrude Jekyll, Maigold, The Generous Gardener and Brother Cadfael on this aspect. They all have their plus points and their minus points.

    Good hunting.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • Ha, well when doing a search on some of the rose sites, you can use the 'Refine your search' and it has all those optionsimage 

    Family Any Family... Albas Arvensis Ramblers Bourbons Boursault Ramblers Bracteatas Brunoniis Centifolias Chinas Climbers, ramblers and scramblers Damasks Filipes Floribundas (cluster roses) Foetida Hybrids Gallicas Giganteas Glauca Hybrids Hybrid Musks Hybrid Perpetuals Hybrid Teas Laevigatas Macrophylla Hybrids Modern Classic Roses Modern Climbers Modern Shrub Roses Moschata Moss Roses Multifloras Noisettes and close relatives Patio Roses Pimpinellifolias Polyanthas and older floribundas Portlands Procumbent (Ground Covering Roses) Repeat Ramblers Rugosas Sempervirens Ramblers Setigera Hybrids Sinowilsoniis Soulieana Hybrids Species Sweet Briars and Canina Hybrids Teas (bush and climbing forms) The Shrub species Wichurana Ramblers

    Group Any Group... Bush Climber Minature Procumbent Rambler Shrub Vintage Bush

    Height Any Height... Under 1m 1m - 1.99m 2m - 2.99m 3m - 3.99m Over 4m

    Scent Any Scent... No Scent Minimal Scent Some Scent Scented Very Scented

    Thornyness Any Thorns... No thorns Not very thorny Some thorns Quite thorny Very thorny

    Year Any Year... 0 - 499 1000 - 1699 1700 - 1799 1800 - 1865 1866 - 1899 1900 - 1929 1930 - 1949 1950 - 1969 1970 - 1989 1990 - present

    Bloom Shape Any Shape... Button Cupped Cushioned Double High Centred  Loosely Double Muddled Quartered Saucer Shaped  Single

    Bloom Type Any Type... Double Semi Double Single

    Bloom Size Any Size... Large Medium Small

    Hip Colour Any Hip Colour... Black Maroon Orange Orange-Red Purple Red Yellow none  
  • image But wasn't sure about the North-East facing wall. Thank you for your suggestions image 

    For now I have supported the Honeysuckle with an extra piece of trellis I found, but it is not the nicest looking trellis. I am on the hunt for a piece like it already has so I can replace it soon - good old Amazonimage

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