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How deep to plant leafy bulbs?

Hi there

I've been giving  my garden a very much overdue tidy and rediscovered my white pineapple lily hidden under some enthusiastic ferns. These haven't flowered since I planted them 2 years ago and I decided to dig them up and move them because the slugs are going to destroy them and they aren't getting very much sun. I originally planted them straight from the pot I bought them in whilst still flowering and the bulbs were hardly below the surface. I've just been reading that they should be 6 inches below the soil. They have good leaf growth and have multiplied....should I just go for it and plant them at the depth they should be and bury the leaves or re-plant them at the same shallow depth then plant them deeper in autumn when the foliage has died back? I'm afraid this is a new quandary for me!


  • I'd leave them at the depth they are until the foliage dies down. Those leaves are working to put goodness into the bulb.  Planting them deep now will rot the leaves and won' help. Then, when the foliage has died down, lift them and replant where you want them. Planted deeper they'll develop properly to flower.  H-C

  • Aurum66Aurum66 Posts: 65

    thank you Hortum. That's exactly what I did in the end. Hopefully next year I'll see flowers again.

    thanks again

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