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No Ladybirds



  • Rob Stevens wrote (see)
    @wintersong, I have no apples forming here either. I thought it was probably because the blossom got blown off so quickly?

    I think you could be right there Rob as I have no Pears or Plums as they were blown to bits early in the year

  • Lucy3Lucy3 Posts: 92

    Ladybirds & butterflies must have packed up and moved to Leeds, loads of everything up here in our local woods and lots of ladybirds and bees in the garden too ??????


  • I did yesterday catch a glimpse of 2 small brown butterflies probably of the Fritillary family but as it's wings were closed I cant say which one it was so was hopefull that there could be more on the way but I think now that this horrid weather has put paid to that image

  • Lucy3Lucy3 Posts: 92
    Its like a Monsoon today in leeds and lots of flash flooding about image
  • clogherheadclogherhead Posts: 506

    Its much the same in Clogherhead North Leinster ROI

  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    I think that their apparent absence is mainly due to the poor weather. We had a nice day on Thursday, and there were both butterflies and ladybirds about.

    A ladybird actually settled on my hand while I was in the garden. I walked back to the house to get my camera, with the ladybird still walking about on my hand, and then back outside to take this snap (which I manged to take using one hand)...

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