Overwintering perennials

Mrs MMrs M Posts: 34

I bought plug plants earlier in the year of Chrysanthemums, Snapdragon, Gerbera Osteospermum and Dahlia.  I have lifted the Dahlias and put the tubers in the greenhouse to dry out. Not quite sure what to do with the other plants. I think I should cut back the snapdragons to a few inches above the ground but not sure. Any help would be appreciated. ( The gerbera never flowered and in fact hardly grew at all although they are still living. )



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    Snapdragons-antirrhinums -are an annual once they have flowered that is it.

    Osteospermum will not tolerate frost -usually treated as a one year plant -then discarded

    Chysanthemum -will stay in the ground all year and flower around September or so-that can be cut right back after flowering

    Don't know much about gerberas

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    Snapdragons are perennials usually treated as annuals. You can get two years out of good plants by leaving them over winter (or cutting down by 1/3 if very tall) and cutting back to green growth in spring. The second year's plants can be as good as the first.

    Osteospermums may survive in warm areas - trim lightly to tidy up and wait and see what happens in spring.

    Gerberas - unless they are the new "hardy" variety will die over winter. Hardy ones may survive in a warm area.

  • Mrs MMrs M Posts: 34

    Think I wil put the osteospermums into pots in the greenhouse to give them frost protection and see what happens.

    Will cut back the crysanthemums and snapdragons and will check if the gerberas are hardy or not.

    Thanks folks.


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Mrs M is from Renfrewshire?- which is probably not as mild a climate as Cornwall

  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,032

    Snapdragons dont need extra winter protection 99% of the time.

    Am in NWest & agree with Alina. Keep their 'tops' on over the winter & then trim back to signs of new growth in Spring. The plants do get rather tatty by the end of the 2cnd year, so either collect their seed or be prepared to start again.

    BTW if your greenhouse isnt frost free, then I'd get the dahlia tubers stored elsewhere asap. Box under spare bed if nec. J.

  • Mrs MMrs M Posts: 34

    Thanks all for your help.  Will think it all over .  Will cut back snapdragons and get a second year out of them and leave gerbera to see if they come back next year.



  • Mrs M


    2 of your correspondents have advised not pruning anti-rhinums until next year. That is to protect the foliage from frost.


    Chris Bailey

  • So, how did the plants weather the winter? Did you cut back in spring and did your Gerberas live another year? Hope you had success and can now pass on the results xxx

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