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2for 1 gardens offer

Has anyone visited Longframlington Gardens in Northumderland recently? I went this week using my 2 for 1 card and was so pleased that we hadn't had to pay admission for both of us. This garden is very neglected not at all like the photo's you will find on it's web site. I did expect that when we were told it was a work in progress and advised to use our imaginations that was meant quite so literally. GW do you not check these gardens out from time to time?


  • Never been.  Even though it's only 40 minutes from me.   

  • sorry to be such a moaner about this but it really is not worth the entrance fee or the petrol to get there. I like to look round gardens for inspiration but don't expect to be told to use my imagination, what's that all about? 

  • It's called "taking the P" image

    It's not chance I've not been there but live just up the road.   I've never heard anyone say anything good about it.

  • what's really annoying is that it's in the 2for 1 subscriber offer You'd think someone from GW would check these gardens out before they are recommended !!


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