Peach tree dead

ampersandampersand Posts: 2

I successfully grew a pêche de vigne for 6/7 years from a stone.  It has branched and spread to roof height against the front west facing house wall, receiving good sun, although rather dry at the roots under the bungalow eaves.  From mid-Feb until May I was not in the UK and returned to find the tree unmistakably dead.  When I left, spring buds had been showing and I had no reason to suppose anything was amiss.  The tree had fruited fabulously each year.  I've had a couple of other dropped stones germinate[leaf curl is always a feature]and want to start again - 3?s please:

a] Where to plant the new one, which has been in a pot for several years now and has just 2 rather lean leaders.

b]I gather it was fine here in March, but foul after.  Would this have killed my beloved tree.

c. I would like to retain it as a honeysuckle/clematis climbing frame.  Is this feasible, given the soil conditions described?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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