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broad bean problems

I had loads of flowers on my broad bean, but they appear to be falling off without setting. I have never grown these before so not sure what to expect!.

The north west had be wet, wet,wet of late could this be the insects to pollinate etc.,


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    They do need to be pollinated by bees, so that could be the problem.  How tall are they?  It's not unusual for the early (lower) flowers not to set though - a few days of good weather should bring out the bees if you are lucky!  There is also a fairly nasty disease called 'chocolate spot' - signs are obvious, but fingers crossed it's not that.

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  • Thanks Bob for your reply. They are about 3' high and I have pinched out the tips and would say that the have about 6 sets of flowers on each.

    No sign of Chocolate spot, they look very healthy at the moment, just no sign of pods forming.

    I can only hope that the sun does shine sometime this year!!!

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