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Viburnum plicatum summer snow flowers fell off

Hi I bought a Viburnum Picatum Summer Snow It was in full bloom when I bought it three weeks ago. I prepared the ground and planted it.

The flowers are now finished. I thought that fruits set on the old flower heads? but I have noticed when I touch them very lightly they just fall off! What is wrong with the plant any suggestions?image


  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,249

    Being moved may have something to do with it. Or lack of pollination. Cannot say I remember ever seeing berries on any of our V. plicatum though.

  • It was in a pot when it was transplanted so I think that would be ok. But the fact you have never seen berrries on this kind of plant is quite disappointing, imageI thought I'd read that it did have black fruits. Oh never mind its a nice plant anyway and I'm sure it will look splended as it grows. image

    Thanks berghill.

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