Can anyone identify this bush for me?

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 Can someone tell me what this bush is? We have two small children and want to know if the berries are harmful.


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  • Looks like a Pyracantha.   If so then it's a great shrub for attracting birds and bees.   It doesn't come with a health warning image

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    Thank you.

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    It a Holly but I do not know which variety.

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    I don't think it's either looks like a Vibernum to me image

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    Sorry the first picture didn't open until I submitted my reply imageimage

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    It is Holly, there are several species which have few or no spines to the leaves some of which are crosses.

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    I'll go with Mark and Daveimage


  • If it's a holly, isn't it a bit early for the berries though?

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    Lots of berries seem to be colouring early this year - the Rowans round our way are at least a month earlier than usual.  But I agree with the majority, you've definitely got a holly.  Berries & leaves both poisonous I'm afraid.  Cause vomiting & stomach cramps, and 20 berries is a fatal dose.  image

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  • Definitely a holly, they go spiky when browsed on or pruned! 

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    Many yrs ago I bought back a small bottle of Eau de vie de baies de houx (Holly berry eau de vie). 

    Let's just say it's an acquired taste image

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    I think its a holly,  I have an evergreen holly but it has been losing its leaves for the

    last 9months or so, it is nearly bare now.  Why is this?. can anyone help me please. 

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    It's a cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus). I have one in my garden and the leaf and fruit in your pic's are identical to mine. They can grow to be very large indeed.

    The fruit are inedible and can cause severe discomfort if eaten, but are not toxic. Here a link for further info:

    Edit: Is it possible there are two intermingling plants here because in the first picture there are definitely leaves that are identical to a prunus, but in the second there are holly leaves (which I didn't see in my haste to post).

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    Family discussion here - we think Holly

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    I'd day Holly too - many have smoother leaves.  Cherry laurel has black berries as far as I'm aware. image

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    I still think holly.  But if you have cherry laurel mixed in, its red berries will turn black by about September so you'll know.  Both undesirable to eat, though...

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    I think the consensus is correct, that it's a cherry. As fairygirl says, the prunus berries are black, changing to that colour from red. Mine flowered for the first time this year and the fruits are still red.

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    I reckon you have 8 votes for holly, 1 for cherry laurel, 1 for viburnum and 1 for pyracantha.  image

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  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609's a pity the member hasn't been back to give some more height and width for instance.... always good to know these things...

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