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best mower for sloping lawn

Our garden is on a quite steep slope and the Atko mower just can't cope - think we need one with an oil pump.  Any suggestions?  Too timid to try a sit-on.


  • How big is the lawn? What sort of Atco is it and what do you mean by it not coping? The fact that you considered a sit-on mower suggests it can't be very steep; what is he gradient?

  • D0ugyD0ugy Posts: 6

    Depends on how steep it is? If past 45 degrees you may want to look at natures cure for long grass:



  • probably cant do it now these days what with Health & Safety etc, but years ago on the council i would use a two stroke flymo on a loop of rope as a handle extension, worked a treat and kept you trim....they would have a fit these days  if someone saw you doing it. Has to be two stroke to avoid seizing up working at an acute angle.

  • Health and Safety is there for a reason - in this case to stop you shredding your feet.

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