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I saw Monty was digging up his garlic last week as he had found evidence of a fungus on the leaves. When I looked at mine it seemd the same, so I thought I would take mine out as well. I dug up about 6 and gave up, the bulbs were about the size of a grape, although the leaves are about 18" high so I had assumed all was well. I am further north than Monty so would expect later fruition, but If I hang on, will the situation improve and the bulbs swell, or do I give u now. They were planted around the end of Sept last year.


  • KoalagirlKoalagirl Posts: 225

    This is too early to be digging them up.  I don't harvest mine until August.

  • jude5jude5 Posts: 65

    I do think it may also depend on the variety. I planted 'Marco' (I think!) in October. They grew very well over the winter but did develop signs of rust by the spring. This gradually got worse and I pulled one about 3 weeks ago just to have a look. Pleased to see quite a well formed bulb with several cloves. Decided to leave well alone. Then on Sunday noticed that the tips of the top leaves were drooping much as you'd expect when they're ready so have now harvested the lot and the majority are pretty good. Wish I could remember what varieties I've grown before because I'm sure I've never harvested this early in the past.

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