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Pruning Dogwood

Is it ok to prune my dogwood at this time of yea?, it's getting a bit too big !


  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    I hard pruned my dogwood in early spring, this is the traditional time to prune it to ensure you get the coloured stems over winter. Sometimes I do a little 6 inch trim during the summer if it starts to swamp other plants .


  • Thank you Kate, Spring passed me by.........I may just do as you have suggested and give it a little trim then wait until next spring

  • Hello fionaf,

    It does depend on the type of dogwood you have, but most are best pruned when they're dormant, i.e. in the winter. As Kate1123 says, if you have the kind with lovely coloured stems, you're aiming to make the plant produce lots more of them ready for next winter when they're leafless.

    Emma team.

  • Thank you Emma, mine does have lovely coloured stems so I will wait and prune at the appropriate time.

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