Polytunnel jungle

In March I purchased a 12m x 4m x 3m high polytunnel.Raised beds down both sides path down the middle and irrigation.

Planted up everything ! Wrong decision, however tomatotes are prolific, some cucumbers,mega courgettes.

Brassicas too much leaf and parsnips with foliage the height of a small bush but the fruit short and ugly.

Is it all too hot ( i do keep the sides rolled up and the door open) not enough water, too much water?

Sweet peas went crazy as did the nasturtiums.

Any help on succesful polytunnel growing would be appreciated.


  • philippa smith2philippa smith2 Posts: 6,168

    Ray..........lucky you with such a good size tunnelimage

    I guess the first thing you should do is decide what exactly you want to grow ( everything by the sound of it image )

    Tomatos, peppers, cucumbers and all the "summer" stuff should do well in summer but to be honest, Brassicas and other veg would be far better outside.

    You can perhaps make more use of the tunnel by overwintering veg and salad stuff and raising other veg in the Spring - either to grow in the tunnel or plant outside.

    A bit of planning called for I think before you drive yourself mad...........I imagine there will be plenty of advice online if you look for Tunnel growing........give you a few ideasimage

    Whatever you do, hope you enjoy the tunnelimage


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