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I bought the collection of 6 clematis from gW MSG a few months ago, all looking a bot weak, only 2 in ground that I thought were big enough, all rest in pots, all planted deep as possible, all got protection round roots, all been well watered ...not a bud in sight on any of them, should I not expect any til next year or are they duds? All in partial shade


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    I had 3 from montrose of guernsey earlier this year and all have been disappointing with little growth, but they are still alive so I'm hopeful they will do better next year, they were plugs, so they didn't have big root systems. Most of those sold in GC' are 2 year old plants, so I'd give them a year to build up a root system. Good care and patience I think.

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    They're only babies - I'd be happy if they flowered next year image

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    The best clematis in my garden started as plugs - they seem to establish so much better than the bigger plants from a GC. So next year you should be pleased with them, and the following year you will hopefully be amazed image

    The larger ones might have flowers already, but they will have been hurried along in conditions which are nothing like your garden. Plugs get to grow into their surroundings.
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    That's just wat I hoped to hear, thanks Dave, dove and chicky!r

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    It's surprising how quickly they come on if you just pot them up and let them get some roots. I bought three smallish clematis a couple of months ago (3/4" pots) I potted them into deep clematis pots (the size you normally buy plants in the GC at around a tenner) and they're all big and healthy now - one in full flower and the others have buds forming.  Those would have been plugs the year before rosemummy. I'll probably plant them into their allotted places at the end of summer. 

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