poisonous courgettes

I have grown courgettes as usual this year but seemed to have produced a plant which grows poisonous courgettes. They have a very bitter taste and give you diarrhoea. Has anybody else had this problem and can I trust the rest of the plants? The poisonous courgettes are a different shape to the rest they are more round.



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    If they have made you poorly I definitely wouldn't risk eating any more.

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    What variety are they - what did it say on the seed packet? 

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    Oh dear sorry for you Mary, first yesr I've grown them, doing fine and no I'll effects

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    You can get get a mix up occasionally with seed.  I ordered a distinct variety last year and the seeds I received produced various shapes of courgette none of which matched the one I had ordered.  I contacted the supplier and received the correct seeds by return.

    I can't imagine you have poisonous fruit ( as you are still alive to tell the tale ) but it would certainly be worth contacting your supplier and explaining your problem .....might save others from a similar experienceimage

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    I agree with Philippa, hope your ok image
  • It is definitely the courgettes which were poisonous. I googled the words and there were several examples from people who had had the same experience as me. I will try and find the seed packet but I have grown courgettes for years and never had any problems.

  • They don't have to kill you to be poisonous it just means they are toxic

  • They are Mr Fothergills just says courgettes

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    How odd, must be a dodgy strain that pops up now and again, i grow them, but suprise, suprise, i dont eat them, put me off even more now image
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    It's fascinating.


    I never heard of it before.

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  • That's a really useful link thanks I have 5 other courgette plants hope I can trust them

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    One little nibble should tell you if you have a good one or a rogue. Sounds like lots of watering and picking them very young is the key!

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    If they are round maybe a bitter gourd seed got in by mistake.

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    It does sound to me as if there's been some cross-fertilisation at the seed producers' place - with a lot of different varieties being grown nowadays it can happen.  Although the seed producers are usually careful to grow their plants at a distance from other similar varieties, there's no accounting for what the general public might be growing in their gardens and which bees might be visiting.  

    I do think you ought to notify  Fothergills so that they're aware that their processes are flawed. 

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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    I am recovering from eating a mouthful of very bitter courgettes.  Not pleasant experience.

    Please see below website


    The courgette was shop bought in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.










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    Ethiopia is a wonderful country. I was there when I was young. I never had to cook for myself though as there was always someone who was keen to do it for me and I was happy to let them. The food is delicious.image

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    Last year I had a free packet of courgette seed from fothergills.When I grew them I had one that was a small pumpkin,it didn't make me I'll.
  • Oh dear, nasty stuff. I'm glad you're alright, and I'm very glad for the links you guys have put in here.

    Never liked courgettes, myself image

  • If you find that you have grown something which is not true to type , it is always a good idea to contact the supplier.  Mix ups do occur ( either in the packaging or in the seed production ) and the suppliers are unaware unless we tell themimage

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    What an interesting thread - didn't see it when it was first started in the summer.

    I really like courgettes and usually grow a couple of different varieties. I had never heard of this problem - so thank you for the heads-up image

    I know they always used to say that you should salt courgettes & aubergines before cooking them to draw out the bitter juices, but I don't find it is necessary to do this with modern strains. I wonder if the 'bitter' juices they were drawing off would have contained the chemicals which cause the unpleasant side effects?

    Not nice - but it is nice to learn something new image

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