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Is this area suitable for growing veg?

I have an area that I'd like to use to grow veg in two or three raised beds: asparagus, plus salad, the Asian veg that I find it hard to buy, and lots of fresh peas.  The area is long and relatively narrow, with a cultivable width of about a metre and a length of three or four metres. The area is on a slight rise at the end of a south-west facing valley.  I am in Fife, five miles from the sea. 

One of the short sides is to the south, with a waist-high hawthorn hedge about two metres away.  A couple of metres to the east is a tumble-down stone wall, ranging from one metre to two metres in height.  A couple of metres to the west is a windbreak of wild roses, cotoneaster franchettii, guelder rose, and young rowans and birch.  The other short side faces north and there are tough shrubs a few metres away - cornus, some ornamental broom, more guelder rose and cotoneaster.

With this long, narrow shape, constrained by wind breaks, is there going to be enough sun?  If so, would you put the asparagus at the sunniest end (which is a bit more exposed) or further north?

Many thanks



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