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garden patio advice

Hey there, Im currently going to construct a patio and I'm looking for a bit of advice. I am going to be using 3x2.concrete slabs (the heavy buggers) with a coverage of 12x6. My garden runs with a fairly small slope. Now advice I am looking for what's the best method to use as I've been given a couple. Do I? Dig it up, scattered some Chippings on for drainage then a bed of sand until all is level then it will be fine due to the weight of the slabs. Or. Dig it up. Mix some concrete in with the sand and just use that. No need to wet the concrete as will set eventually or as before but wet the concrete for quicker results. Another question if I can, for that area of coverage how Much sand will I roughly need and how many 25kg bags of cement is needed. Thanks in advance


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,412

    I'm not a concrete expert, though I can mix it if necessary.image

    I wouldn't dig, you need a firm base. If you want to remove some soil, slice it off.

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  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    If your'e gardening on a slope getting the levels right is priority. You have to consider what sort of soil your'e laying on top of. Does it need a base, i.e. hardcore. If it does a 2-4 inch base of hardcore followed by a 2 inch level of sharp sand mixed with concrete 3 parts sand to one cement. If your soil is stable you won't need hard core, although if your'e putting in different levels, it's advisable. You also need to include a very slight slope on the slabs for run off, otherwise any rain will have nowhere to go.

  • Thanks for the replys.

    It will be a single level patio. For drainage would I be best just to add a level of stone Chippings?. Then add the sand and concrete mix on top of it.

    With the concrete I would just mix in my wheelbarrow pre slab fitment. But do I add any water with the concrete? When it's in the sand. And which concrete best to use?
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