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They are at it again - more flipping bird food....

My LBJ's (I believe they are tree sparrows) have definitely got the love bug.  All day I've seen then at it - on the fence, in the trees, even on my bean supports.  I've hung up a bag of nesting material - mostly my dog's fur - and they've been taking bits and bobs.

So, I guess it's off to the supermarket for more bird food then.......... image


    I cant keep up with the bird food. They say sparrows are in decline...not in my garden they're not. Love 'em.
  • curlyonecurlyone Posts: 31

    My sparrows chuck more seed on the ground for the doves, pigeons and blackbirds than they eat! 

  • FloBearFloBear Posts: 2,281

    I've had a major outbreak of dunnocks this year - sometimes known as hedge sparrows. I always have one, or two if it;s courting time but I reckon I've had at least two nestfuls and there are youngsters flitting about all over the shop. They seem to like the chickens' food.

  • Tina5Tina5 Posts: 46

    We have some youing blackbirds that are hanging arounnd the garden like teenagers looking for trouble. I throw the sluggy strawberries on the lawn for them, and they look so funny when they rush up to one, take a quick look over their shoulder, then stab the fruit and scuttle off into the flower beds with it.

    We also have a collared dove nesting in one of the apple trees. her nest is so flimsy, but it seems to have weathered the terrific high winds we've had recently. She looks very serene sitting there!

  • Moonlit HareMoonlit Hare Posts: 153

    we've about 5 or 6 nests around the garden, I love watching them they're so cheeky!

    we obviously have some which have just fledged over the last day or so, I was watering my pots, yep I know hard to believe with all this rain but they are quite sheltered and there was a baby hiding behind the pot from me hoping I wouldn't see her. She tied flying off but couldn't quite get off the ground. I was a bit worried about the local cat mafia which seems to try and use my garden as a deli so we kept an eye on her from the conservatory she was fine she just needed some space to get a bit of lift. Needless to say she was back with all her siblings to ramraid the seed!

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