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carnivorous plants

Would anyone know what mix  goes into compost for carnivorous plants.I cannot find anything except where to buy on mail order from nurseries that sell the plants. I can't find anything in my local nurseries where I buy my orchids compost mix.


  • Welcome to the forum, Cangranmafixit (no relation of Jimmy Savile, I hope) ....I haven't a clue to be honest, but did find this via google:


    Any carnivorous plant compost will be fine, even pure moss peat, though a bit of lime free sharp sand will give extra body. Trumpet Pitcher compost does contain Perlite ? the small white balls, which can look a little unsightly at first but soon blend in. The way to calculate how much you need is to work out the volume. Compost is measured in litres so you can just see how much water it will hold. Fill the containder to 50mm (2") below the top. This makes watering easier. Another aid to watering is a length of plastic pipe sitting vertically in the container 50mm (22) from the bottom. It should finish just proud of the compost and can then be used to water and to checlk the water level in the container. Evaporation can be reduced by mulching with good quality pine bark."

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    Hi David,no most defiantly not !

    Just the old grandma fix it - the things  our grandchildren.   (    and children if it comes to that  )  ask us to fix when the item cannot be mended with sticky tape !


    I'm sure there are plenty of different "  deficits"   out there

    I a,m one from  the " Grandma fix it clubs"   !¡!¡!¡!!

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    Ps David ......almost forgot,.thanks for the info regards the compost- just a senior moment taking over .!!

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