My First year

So the potatoes did well, despite letting them get frost burned.

However, I got one carrot from 2 rows and that was some wierd mutent and half of my parsnips look like hairy potatoes. What did I do wrong?

Also I have straws and rasps established plus the most perfect cooking apple tree what should I do to care for these? (bought the house in Dec 2011).



  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,647

    Carrots and parsnip, as root veg, both need very friable soil with no lumps or stones. If they hit lumps or stones during growing they will either fork - divide into two - or just stop altogether. The other key is not to manure the beds before sowing. Sow into beds manured at least the season before.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Straws and rasps need no care in the winter, just prune acording to their type.  Pot up any strawberry runners you might want for new plants in the spring, maybe cover against birds which are looking for insects etc. sheltering among the leaves - they an pull the whole plant up.  Your cooking apple has probably been summer/autumn pruned so should be fine - maybe add a grease band around the trunk to stop some beasties climbng the tree and getting in the buds to spoil next years lovely apples.  

  • Jammy2Jammy2 Posts: 30

    I'm only on my second year - so certainly no expert. I think it has been a bad year for carrots (but probably varies regionally). I know Monty's on GW were a disaster. I sowed 3 times as the previous sowings failed. Now I have about 20 small thin carrots! My parsnips grew - but yet to find out if they are of any size, or more importantly tastse good.

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