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vidovido Posts: 1

about 7 weeks ago after my dwarf rhododendron "blue Tit" finished flowering i took half a dozen cuttings from the new growth that then started to grow.took these and were placed around the edge of a pot in potting compost and then covered with one of those free clear shower caps on gets in hotels,the pot was placed at the bottom of a north facing wall and up to know they are a healthy green and show no signs of wilting.problem is i dont know where to go from here,ie how long i leave them before re potting.any advice would be most helpful.sorry its a long winded post but this is my first posting...please bear with me!!!! image



  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    Id leave them for about 2 months anyway. After this time have a look for roots coming through the bottom of the pot, or give one of the cuttings a wee tug if theyve taken they wont pull out easily. Good luck with them..image

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